Monday, October 5, 2009

Grills and Pools

The rain was over and my husband was itching to get outdoors and grill something. . . . anything. It is a feeling that comes over him every so often and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. He is an excellent "grill master" and I am an appreciative beneficiary.

The sun was beaming, the charcoals were heating, the steaks were marinating and life was good. We heard the neighbors, two doors down come out into their backyard and proceed to their swimming pool. Our fences are tall enough for visual privacy but not so much on noise control.Teenagers were playfully giggling and challenging each other to splash contests. Squeals from younger children as they were unexpectedly pushed into the pool brought a smile to our faces. My husband looked over at me and said, " They are having such a blast. Gosh, wouldn't it be great to have a pool like that? " I agreed and we began to discuss all the pros and cons of a pool as he slipped the steaks on the grill. Off to the side, the roasted corn, still sheathed in its' shuck, began to absorb the wonderful smokey flavor wafting over from the steak.

Within minutes, the splashing from the pool quieted down and we could hear voices. Although muffled at first, one voice rose clearly above the rest, "Oh man, that smells soooooo good. I am so hungry I wish we were grilling something right now!" Several voices chimed in an a lot of "Mmmmm"s could be heard. My husband and I looked at each other and stifled a laugh, not wanting them to know we had overheard their conversation. How funny that each of us was wanting what the other had.

The incident reminds me of the lyrics to an old Cheryl Crow song,"Soak up the Sun". She advises that one of the keys to true happiness:

"It's not having what you want. It's wanting what you've got."

How about you?Any minor jealousies or envious thoughts getting in the way of your perfect, sunny afternoon? Or are you taking inventory of what you have already been blessed with?


  1. That is so hard. Wanting what others already have, when you know you are blessed just the way you are. So normal, but we have to stop ourselves, don't we? I'm with you though, a pool sounds nice.

  2. Ava thanks for the reminder that God has been so good and we are truly blessed.

    At times I struggle with where I am in the writing journey and where I want to be. But even in that God is doing amazing things! Beautiful post.

    Blessings to you...

  3. I must admit, I feel pretty blessed. But it is hard not to look at what others have and want it. and a pool sounds like a MUST :)

  4. It is a shame we can't just be happy with what we have. All of us KNOW how blessed we are and yet still tend to want just a little bit more! You are making me hungry for some steak, girl!

  5. i'm jealos of all people who have not had to change their blog address! it's nightmarish. see below.
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    The Character Therapist

  6. Thank you so much, ladies for your unique responses.

  7. Right now, you're having sunshine would be mine. It's been doom and gloom rainy weather here for over a week and I could really use your weather.

    That outdoor grilling and swimming really does sound fun, though. You should make a deal with your neighbour, you grill, and they supply the pool fun, you'll all be in jealous free heaven!

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  9. Great post, and cute. :-)

    Hmmm, I'm thankful that jealousy isn't a sin I have to deal with often. I've got enough already. LOL But I am posting about bitterness tomorrow, which I think can sometimes comes from jealousy.

    Hope you enjoyed your food.

  10. Trusting that each day is deliberately designed by Him and everything in it is either by or allowed by Him .... phew.

    Wouldn't it be good if I was there. But hey. I might just be content where I am trusting that He will continue to 'finish what He started in me' ... :}

  11. I really like that song :)

    Sometimes I envy others' peace of mind. With all the daily stresses, I really wish I was more able to just slow down and not worry.

  12. Ava: Thanks; I needed this today! I remember once I was griping to the Lord about a friend who had this knack for making money. It was a gift. We were struggling just to pay our bills at that time, and it didn't seem fair.
    The Lord said, "Would you like to trade places with her?" I thought about it: she was single, lonely, and had a not-very-fun personality. It only took half a second for me to reconsider my gripe, and throw it away!
    Audience of ONE


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