Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Encouraging Words

"Wow! This is too cool!"
That was my excited proclamation after stumbling upon this blogging network of believers.
"Not only are they believers," I excitedly told my husband, "but they are writers in all stages of publication. These people are just like me."
Although I say "stumbled" upon it, I know without a doubt I was led here. What a great, tremendous, joyous journey it has been in only one month.

I am totally in awe of the wonderful supportive nature of the new "blogging family." It seems as if there is a true see-saw effect out there. On any one day if a fellow, sister-writer is having doubts or discouragement, several others are there to offer advice and comfort. One day later that sister is offering her support to another. I have been the recipient of those kind, encouraging words and it has made a difference. A few weeks ago, my post dealt with the issue of purpose in our romance writing, but several of your comments helped me look at it in such a different light. As I was making this turn-around in attitude, God spoke to me more about the issue in our Sunday sermon.

Our new preacher is none other than Sherrinda's ( A Writer Wannabe) wonderful husband, John K. The verse was from Hebrew 3:12-13:

See to it that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God.
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

As a body of believers we are called to encourage each other. As John K. stated it, we have a role to play in softening our hearts and others' hearts before Satan and sin get a good grip and take control.

So this week, that is how I see our writing. We are to continue in our writing what we are doing in our blogging network. Since there is so much power in God's Word, He gives us power in our words. Words we can use to uplift, advise, counsel, and encourage. Words we can use to change lives.

When our words get in alignment with His, we can do more good than we can ever imagine. My wish for you this week is that through your words may God's awesome power be released!


  1. ava - i love our blogging community, too. i've connected with so many of these individuals online...and was even more blessed to met many of them at the ACFW conference. the encouragement is unparalleled. blessings to you as you continue in your journey!

    The Character Therapist

  2. Hey Ava!

    How cool that Sherrinda's hubby is your pastor! Is that how you discovered this community..through Sherrinda? Or did you discover each other after disovering the community? The world is itty-bitty sometimes.

    Great blog! Great enthusiasm! Great encouragement!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Hey!

    I agree--this blogging community is awesome! I'm so glad I found it. And so glad you found us!

  4. Words spoken at the right time in due season to open ears always matter and refresh a dry heart. i am thankful for the honesty and acceptance among this blogging group.

  5. Thank you, Ava!! That is my greatest joy with writing, to write for Him and may His beautiful light shine through the stories He has blessed me with to write. I'll pray for this for you, too, Ava!

  6. Ava, I'm so glad God has brought us together and given me someone tangible to share this journey with. I love this community of cyber-sisters-writers and it has really kept me going when the going gets tough. P.S. John will be glad to know someone was listening! :)

  7. You are so right. Depending who and how words are delivered, they either destroy us or set us to flight.

    {said from a place of flight as I have been filled to overflowing with amazing, power-filled words today}

    Thankyou guys!

  8. Thanks for such joyful comments, dear friends.

    Jeannie: I couldn't have said it better "unparalled support" is a perfect description.

    Katie: The story goes like this. Her family had only been with our church for a few months. Last month I "friended" Sherrinda on Facebook and discovered her blog. I was stunned that we had such similar interests. I spend 2 more hours exploring all of her blog links, including yours. A great day!

    Kristen: It has been pure joy to find you all.

    Tabitha: Yours were the first comments on the "struggle" post and like today, they totally renewed me. Keep up those encouraging words!

    Eileen: Thank you , thank you for your prayers for me. What a great feeling to know someone is prayering for you.

    Sherrinda: Dear sister, please thank John for me. It often seems his sermons are meant for my ears only. I'd tell him, but I'd get all weepy and be a goopy mess.

    Sande: So happy to hear you are unleashing His power. More power to you!!! (Doesn't that phrase take on a new meaning now?)

  9. Wow, that's so amazing that Sherrinda's husband is your pastor! Doesn't seem too long ago that I was praying for Sherrinda as her husband took the new position!

    And you're right. This blogging community has been one of the best encouragements in my writing journey! I'm so grateful for it!

  10. Exactly what Jody said. I remember praying for Sherrinda, her husband, and their family when he took the new position. That's incredible.

    I'm glad you're on here blogging, Ava! I know that I'm growing every day with the kind encouragement from the people in blogosphere.

  11. This is the most precious part of my writing experience, other than my WIP, is having people who understand me. Our blogging community is such a blessings, each writer is uniquely gifted to offer tips, encouragement, and love at every stage.

    I thank God for leading me this way!

    Blessings to you...

  12. Dear Ava: How right you are, dear! This community of care encourages me daily, not only in my writing, but my walk with the Lord. Everyone acts as a huge cheerleading squad to keep us in the game. I'm so grateful to God for all of you, and that He led you to us and us to you.

    BTW, thanks for your kind comment re: my blog photo. That made my day!

    P.S. I bet Sherrinda is as sweet and lovely in person as she is online, huh? Maybe sweeter! I'm so proud of her for losing weight in the midst of her stressful job. Sounds like her hus is a terrific preacher, too.

  13. Hey Ava! Here are your five words:

    Halloween, lady bugs, vanilla, scars, rainbows

    No idea where they came from, these were just the first five that popped into my head. Can't wait to read your post!

  14. Hi Ava, I saw your face on my followers so thought I'd pop over.
    Wow, you know Sherrinda! That's so cool.
    Great post too. I hope my writing will be powered by God and touch people.


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