Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My 5 Words!

Many thanks to Katie G., this week for giving me 5 random words to use in this post. This was perfect timing as this week has had me running in all directions and left my brain in the "empty" position. So here it goes!

Halloween: I love the holiday and always have. As we were growing up, my mom always made the holiday exciting and fun for my sisters and me. Much angst went into the costume decisions and crazy makeup. I especially loved this huge orange skeleton candle my mom has purchased. Every year it was the centerpiece of our decorations on the bar, until the Texas summer heat took its' toll in storage. The poor skeleton looked as if it had been socked in the jaw. I loved carrying on the traditions with my own kids. I was actually shocked at the accusation, about 10 years ago, that those who celebrated Halloween were actually worshipping the devil. What???? At least in my family, nothing was farther from the truth. I figured, and still do, that God knows my heart and the hearts of my children when it comes to our big intent on this holiday. . . . . candy!!!

Lady bugs: My younger sister is a very creative person and decorated my niece's room in ladybug pattern. It was adorable. Colorful, happy bugs resided on the walls and on the bedspread. Why is it that lady bugs are one of the few bugs that don't repulse us. What other bug would we willingly decorate our children's rooms in? Crickets? Grasshoppers? UGH! The second thing that comes to mind on this topic is gardening. We have a small vegetable garden in our backyard, about 10 x 25 feet. I love to be out there and spy a lady bug. It makes me smile, because I know how beneficial they are in gardens.

Vanilla: I am a candle person and vanilla is one of my all time favorite scents. You can't go wrong with it and most people like it. I am also a big fan of Bath and Body works scents, especially the Vanilla Noir. When it comes to ice cream I will take vanilla every time. I even prefer white cake over chocolate cake. I guess you could say I am a plain "ole vanilla" gal.

Scars: I have a lot of little scars that show on my arms and legs. A very active, outdoorsy childhood has left its' mark on me. This one on my wrist was from a 2 inch long splinter that found me as I chased my sister around a telephone pole. But the good news is that I caught her.
The long one on my knee is from the time I scaled the 5 foot fence to escape the two dogs chasing my down the alley. The bad news is that I had provoked them. The square one on my shin is from a bicycle wreck I had two years ago. My son and I were racing down the street and our tires collided and so did we. The good news, I am the only one with a scar from that incident. These are just a few of the scars that show, like everyone else, we all carry the scars that don't show.

Rainbows: Rainbows have taken a bad rap lately with their tie in to the gay community. But when I get to see a real rainbow arched across the sky, it is breathtaking. We don't ever get tired of seeing these miracles in the sky. Driving along the road, you can see dozens of cars pulled off to the side. Is it a wreck up ahead? No, but everyone is out of there car. Oh yes, they are all looking at a gorgeous rainbow that has just appeared. It has to be savored, no quick glance out the window will suffice. And thanks to my Christian upbringing, never once have I looked up at that beautiful colorful bridge and forgotten God's promise in Genesis. What a lovely reminder of His love.

This finishes my five words and I hope you get to know me better. I'd love to see your comments or ideas. If you want, I would love to send five words to you . It makes an easy post idea, so just let me know.


  1. Hey, Ava! I enjoyed this! It's great getting to know you! Have a great day!

  2. Love it! I'm with you on the lady bugs. They are the only bug that doesn't gross me out. It's so interesting to see how five simple words can mean such different things to us. You know what would be interesting? Taking those same five words and writing them from one of our character's points of view.

  3. You provoked two dogs? Were you not thinking straight at the time?

    Rainbows and gays? I live a sheltered life, I had never heard of that. I always see them as the reminder of a wonderful promise, and love spotting them!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog, Ava! That almost brought me to tears. I so very blessed with such wonderful blog friends! Praise God!

  4. Hi, Ava! I've loved getting to know so many blogging friends with their 5-word descriptions. I, too, have scars all over my legs from spending hours upon hours outdoors barely stopping for a bandaid when I was little.

  5. I love rainbows too and I never tire of these kind of miracles either :)

  6. I loved that orange skeleton head too. I guess its time to let my kids decorate for Halloween around here. Also remember our ill-fated stuffed scarecrow you made.
    Your scars tell some stories I've never heard!
    Love ya.

  7. Kristen: Thanks for stopping by. Always enjoy hearing from you.

    Katie: What a wonderful idea to see it from our character's perspective. A good exercise for character sketches.

    Eileen: It is true I was provoking the dogs, but there was a fence between us at the time. I never saw the open gate at the end of the yard.

    Heather: The bandaids never stayed on long enough to heal a thing.

    Tabitha: I could have figured you for a rainbow aficionado as soon as I saw those lovely eyes on your blog. Very colorful as well.

    Joni: Hey sis, the reason is because the pole story was before you were born and the dog story was in Alice, Tx. when you were around 8 months. I can't believe you don't remember all the drama.

  8. Enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you, Ava!

  9. Bet you look for open gates before doing that ever again! What a fright you must have had when they showed up on your side of the fence! I shouldn't be laughing, but being the animal lover I am, I can't help it that they got you back!

  10. Thank you for sharing Ava! I was hesitant about Halloween for a while, but now that I have kids I want them to have the same innocent fun I did. And of course I want their chocolate. LOL Rainbows are amazing!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. :-)

  11. I love the five words- it was great getting to know you. Bugs are my worst enemy, unless it's smaller than my fingernail.

    Happy writing!

  12. What fun! A grear post, and revealing--in a good way.

    I got five words from Janna Qualman today, so look forward to posting about them in the next few weeks.

    Happy Weekend,
    Audience Of ONE

  13. That was fun! I happen to have a vanilla candle right next to me. I burned it yesterday and the wick was a tad too long, must trim the wick...;) It's so nice to meet another sister in Christ who yearns to write for the Lord. Welcome to blogging!


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