Friday, September 14, 2012

The Christian Writer's Prayer

  • Reading two new textbooks.
  • Preparing new Power point slides.
  • Creating new assignments.
  • Creating new tests.
  • Traveling new routes to work (90+ miles round trip)
  • Fighting with the new college's computer program.
  • Screaming at old college's new computer program.
  • And answering emails from 200 students. 
     These are just a few of the new job duties that have me drowning in self pity. Why? Because other than this blog, I haven't written anything in over a month. And I miss it like crazy.

    You see, this semester I doubled by college work load to six classes at two different colleges and a high school. My husband is going back to school and I needed to be the breadwinner for awhile.

     Don't get me wrong, I love my job and believe with all my heart that God in his ultimate wisdom, perfectly equipped me to become a college instructor. But I also believe He is the one leading and moving me to write. And the creative side of my brain is crying to be let out. Or maybe that's just me, feeling sorry for myself; can't quite tell where that whimper is coming from.

    Ideas storm my head on the the long car trips to work, but I simply can't find the time or energy to do anything about them. It saddens me to miss so many blog friends' posts the last month and wonder what is going on in "writer world".  I feel so out of touch.

    I wish I was one of those writer's who could make progress with only a 20-30 minute window open to them, but my writing brain doesn't work that way. I need huge blocks of uninterrupted time with a stockpile of Coke Zero and lots of chocolate close-by. (One has to offset the other, don't you know.) Right now, I don't see any huge blocks of time floating my direction until maybe Christmas vacation.

     So in the meantime, I'll pray for a more patient approach. I'm grateful God sent these jobs my way, just when we needed them the most. His timing isn't my timing and I need to remember that.

 Next week's ACFW conference maybe just the shot in the arm I need. I've only been to one other conference. I attended The North Texas Christian Writers conference a year ago and learned so much. But there was one item that I brought home and immediately pinned to the wall above my writing desk. 

                       The Christian Writer's Prayer
Heavenly Father, let every expression from my heart bring honor to your name.
As it is in heaven, have your way in my life, so I can complete the work you have assigned to me.
Today, give me the right words to say. 
Forgive my narrow-mindedness as I seek to help others. 
If I am tempted to let other desires consume my time, deliver me from evil that prevents my picking up the pen and releasing the burden of my soul.
You are my King, possessor of all ability and wisdom.
If I should write any worthwhile words, they will be from you, and always for your glory.
                                                            --Frank Ball

I hope you enjoy it and recite it as much as I have this past year . . . and in the future. 


  1. Oh my goodness, girl! Lots of hugs and prayers for you! Sounds like a crazy busy time. Since you have a long car ride, have you thought about buying a smile recorder to bounce your ideas into? Best wishes to you in this season!

    1. Hey Jessica,
      So glad you stopped by. I like the idea of the smile recorder and think I'll ask for one for my birthday. Appreciate your well wishes.

  2. That's an awesome prayer. Wow, you have a LOT on your plate. Glad you get to step away from it all and go to ACFW next week. I'll look for ya there!

    1. Great to hear from you, Melissa. ACFW will be a vacation like world for me. Right now I'm taking a break from creating a 50 question test to boost my spirits. Isn't that the greatest prayer for writers? I love it. Can't wait to see you in person.


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